About Spinster

Spinster is a woman-centric website created to provide a platform for feminist dialogue.

Spinster was founded by radical feminist writer M. K. Fain and her partner, Alex Gleason.

Server rules:

The moderators are going to use their best judgment to enforce these guidelines. However, we realize there are gray areas. Rules may be changed at any time for any purpose. If you have a complaint about moderation, please email: [email protected]

  1. No hate speech

    We support open and civil dialogue on social and political issues, but do it respectfully. Moderators will use their discretion.

  2. No threats of violence or glorification of violence

    This includes but is not limited to: pro-Nazi propaganda, white nationalist content, threats against women for disagreeing with you, and promotion of violence against non-human animals.

  3. No doxxing, stalking, or harassment

    We may take your behavior offsite into account when assessing this. For example, posting un-censored, private, screenshots to another site with the intent to harass users. We may also include incitement to any of the below.

  4. No content that is illegal for us to host in the United States

    Links to illegal content on other sites will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

  5. No pornography of any kind

    This includes, but is not limited to, content for the sole purpose of sexually objectifying women, or for participation in the sale of another human for sex.

  6. NSFW must be behind a Content Warning

    NSFW = "Not Safe for Work", and includes nudity, or anything exceptionally vulgar or graphic - even if shared for educational purposes.

  7. No Spam
  8. Must be 13+ to join

If you violate the rules:

You may receive one warning, and the offending comment will be deleted. After the first warning, you may be banned from the server without an additional warning. You will not be able to retrieve your data. We may not always issue a warning if there has been a pattern of unwelcome behavior.

You may view the full Spinster Moderator handbook here to understand how we interpret these rules and take action: Moderator Handbook

Server-level silencing and suspension

The moderators reserve the right to silence or block any servers which exist for the primary purpose of violating one of our rules or violates user privacy. If you feel your instance has been suspended in error, please email: [email protected]

Currently suspended instances:

  • Reason: Spam
    - weedis.life
    - freefedifollowers.ga
    - 4chan.icu
  • Reason: Violating User Privacy
    - pleroma.online
  • Reason: Porn/Sex Trafficking
    - kink.town
    - twimblr.xyz
    - humblr.social
    - ksinblr.com

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is Spinster/the Fediverse?
  2. How safe am I on Spinster?
  3. Are men allowed on Spinster?
  4. How do I bridge my account with Twitter?
  5. Who can see our posts?
  6. What privacy options for we have?
  7. What is the relationship with Gab?

1. What is Spinster/the Fediverse?

The Fediverse is a decentralized way to do social media. Rather than having a single central force that controls everything (like Twitter), there are over 4,500 of unique servers which all speak to each other. Spinster is one of these servers - and is currently one of the top 50 servers by user count.

Each server has its own rules. Most servers are hostile to women/feminism, and will ban people who defend women's sex-based rights. One of the biggest servers, Gab, is a Free Speech instance - meaning anything goes. They don't ban you for being GC, but it's also hostile to women. We decided to make Spinster to give real feminists a place in the Fediverse where they can be safe to express their views without being banned by their home server, or harassed by men.

You'll notice three timelines: Home, Spinster, and the Fediverse:

  • Home: Everyone you follow, from any server
  • Spinster: Everyone on this server
  • Fediverse: Everyone on Spinster + the people they follow

There are some servers we already ban or silence - such as servers that promote porn. There are also some servers who have already banned or silenced us. Overall, the Fediverse is a great way to both have a local community where we can feel safe to talk, and access to a wider audience.

2. How safe am I on Spinster?

As with any interaction you have online - you should be mindful of your personal information when interacting on Spinster. Anyone can see your public posts - so please do not post anything that you feel would put you at personal risk (such as contact info, place of employment, etc). We are NOT isolated, and anyone can join. If you would like to protect your privacy further, you may want to sign up with a new email (note: we do not allow temporary email services), and/or use a VPN.

3. Are men allowed on Spinster?

Yes - men are allowed. @spinster is women-centric in that everything we do here is geared towards women, and we put their needs first. However, we have no way to a reasonable way to check anyone's sex, especially with open registration. Think of it like Twitter - anyone can join. The difference is that we won't ban you for saying feminist things. This way, we can get our message out without being silenced.

Alex - our tech support - is also a man, and has been vital to the creation of this project. However if you'd prefer to deal with a female mod you can always talk to me instead - we get it!

We also hope to re-instate the group feature, which will enable the creation of separatist spaces. If you'd like a separatist space and are willing to wait for that feature, please stick around!

4. How do I bridge my account with Twitter?

You can bridge your Spinster account with Twitter! This allows bi-directional posting between both accounts. Here's how:

  1. Visit https://moa.party
  2. Enter "@[email protected]" in the box and click OK.
  3. Click "Authorize"
  4. Click "Connect to Twitter" then click "Authorize app"
  5. Configure your desired settings, then click Save!

Now you're all set up. Just post from either platform and the streams will cross. Be patient, as sometimes it can take up to 5 minutes for messages to cross-post.

Note: Moa may disallow users from Spinster soon. We hope to create our own bridge in the future.

5. Who can see our posts?

By default, your posts will appear in the Home timeline of anyone who follows you, the Spinster timeline of everyone else on Spinster, and the Fediverse timeline of anyone who we Federate with (this is mostly servers that someone on here follows, or who follows us).

If *anyone* goes to your user profile (unless they are logged in from a blocked account) they will be able to see all of your public posts.

6. What privacy options for we have?

You can make your profile visible to followers only in your Preferences if you want to. You can also change the visibility on a post using the third icon (the globe) in the post options.

View a detailed How-To guide on Spinster privacy options here.

7. What is the relationship with Gab?

Gab.com is a Fediverse instance, like mastodon.social and many many others. Most Fediverse instances are Mastodon instances. Gab however, created a different UI layout than Mastodon, and has slightly different features. Pleroma is another type of Fediverse platform. Gab, Pleroma, and Mastodon are pretty much the 3 main UI options for interacting with the Fediverse.

When evaluating which platform to use, we felt the Gab UI was the most similar to Twitter, and therefore would be the easiest to massively migrate people off of that platform - so we forked Gab's code and made our own version (with some changes, like the colors, timeline options, removing groups, etc). @alex has also contributed code to Gab itself, which benefits us because we are able to merge those changes.

Gab.com is one of over 1,600 instances with which we federate including anarchism.space, social.coop, qoto.org, fosstodon.org, and fullyautomatedluxurygayspacecommunism.party. A full list of those instances can be found here.

Not sure if Spinster is right for you?

Preview the public Spinster timeline on Fediverse.network, or check out the list of all available instances you could join!

See you on the Fediverse!

Open Source

Spinster is free and open source (FOSS) software licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License version 3 (AGPL3). It's based on Gab Social, which is in turn forked from Mastodon.

Source code: https://gitlab.com/spinster-xyz/spinster